“Chic and sophisticated surroundings with expert providers creating a unique fun atmosphere, echo the DNA of our brand.”

Meet the Founder

Courtney’s life story laid the foundation for her successful career in esthetics, which culminated in the opening of her own business, ALL THE THINGS MED SPA. However, her journey to success was not without its challenges. From a young age, Courtney battled a congenital birth defect on her face, enduring 11 unsuccessful surgeries over the course of two decades that left her visually impaired in one eye. Throughout her school years and into her 20s, she faced cruel taunts and ridicule from those who judged her solely on her appearance.

Despite these difficulties, Courtney refused to be defined by her outward appearance. She cultivated a deep inner strength and self-worth that could not be shaken by the judgments of others. She also tried countless esthetic techniques to enhance and improve her face. Finally, after years of prayer and persistence, the 12th and final surgery succeeded in removing the tumor.

Through her experiences, Courtney became intimately familiar with the cold and clinical atmosphere of medical offices. But rather than letting those negative memories define her, she transformed them into something positive, creating a welcoming and inspiring environment where no whispering is allowed. She developed a sharp eye for the artistry and lines that make a face truly beautiful, and a passion for helping others to find and express their inner beauty on the outside.